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I Want To Get in Touch!

Only through getting to really know your voters, can you do better and "Do the Right Thing". I love meeting each and every one of you in person every day, but would be absolutely thrilled to connect in other ways!

Please see below

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Cooley's Merch!

I'm excited to announce that I'm launching my own merchandise! Fill out the forms below and we'll deliver the items to you!

Stickers/Window Signs (FREE!)

Hats/Yard Signs 


Volunteering Opportunities!

Are you looking for ways to support our campaign or fulfill volunteer hours? Look no further! We have a whole range of ways you can help - from postcard writing to throwing a party!

See Opportunities and Sign Up Here

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Meet Alex Cooley!

I'm hosting "Brews with Cooley", where I will meet up with neighbors over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer! Don't worry about the commute, we'll choose a place close to your home.

Host a Brew Session Here

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