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End Single Family Zoning

We’re going to end single-family zoning and we’re going to do it through an inclusionary zoning lens.


My Proposal:


Given that we are 50th in the nation for housing availability, while in an affordable housing and homelessness crisis, we have to throw everything we can at building more homes. That starts with allowing for duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes in every area that is currently zoned single-family. I will support I-135 and fight to fund it when it passes. If it does not pass, I will push the Seattle Housing Authority to adopt as many of its tenets and practices as is feasible. 


We will fix Seattle's Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) to greatly increase the speed of permitting housing projects in the city. This will not only get us housing faster, but it will also significantly decrease the cost to the renter and/or purchaser. I’m also going to remove the design review process and other measures that delay the building of the homes.


For renters, our first step will be to create a renter advocacy arm of the Office of Housing that includes a renter review board. This board will adjudicate issues between renters and landlords, including evictions, neglected maintenance, and rent increases. 


My office will fight to meet and exceed what is currently being proposed by the legislature with regard to required notice for rent increases — three months for 5% or more and six months for 10% or more, both with the option to break a lease without penalty. We will fight to cap late fees at $10 and we will end eviction without cause. Move-in deposits will be capped by ordinance at one month’s rent.


The estimated cost of the proposal is $10m and these funds will come from the real estate tax, as it was done in Los Angeles, CA.


I also recognize that, while many people will want to continue to rent, paying rent does not promote financial stability for our citizens and does not encourage people to put down roots here. 


To beautify the city and add a significant amount of housing and green space, I strongly support a lid on I-5. This lid will be covered with affordable, sustainable housing and an expansive network of parks. 


I will also push to make sustainable principles the standards to which new construction is held in Seattle.

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