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Send Your Vouchers to The Only Candidate Refusing Corporate and Special Interest Money!

Alex is the only candidate funding their campaign solely using Democracy Vouchers, because money and politics shouldn't mix.


In the Democracy Voucher Program, every resident is given four vouchers of $25 to give to any participating political campaign. 

Seattle registered voters have received their vouchers in the mail. If you are new to Seattle or not a registered voter, you can request vouchers as well. If you lost your mailed vouchers, you can request replacement vouchers from the Democracy Voucher Program. Details are explained below.

If you do not have your physical vouchers, you can call 206.727.8855 to ask for an invitation code or replacement vouchers.

MAILING YOUR VOUCHERS: If you received your vouchers in the mail and would like to mail them back to the City, write "Alex Cooley" into the candidate section and mail them back in the pre-paid envelope provided.


If you lost or misplaced your pre-paid return envelope, you can mail them to: Democracy Voucher Program, P.O. Box 35196, Seattle, WA 98124-5196.

Join the only campaign funded solely by Democracy Vouchers.

You can fill out this replacement form right now.


You will receive an email shortly after completing the form. Please immediately verify your email.


If you still have your mailed vouchers, fill them out for Alex Cooley and email us at: to come pick them up, or mail them to:

P.O. Box 35196

Seattle, WA 98124

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